Web designing is one of the most important steps in any web development process. Now and in the coming years, the internet will see a combination of beauty from web design and technological innovations. As the technologies get advanced over time, new development changes occur in the web design landscape. Another smart innovation of web design is that you do not need to lock it in your PC. You can access it from your Smartphone and on your wrist, all thanks to the smartwatch and foldable Smartphone operators and developers. The web designing platform will see a massive transformation in the coming years. Following paragraphs will talk about technological advancement is and will shape the web design platform.

Moving to 5G

From 2G, the internet connection has reached 4G LTE, and will soon achieve 5G. 5G will open a pathway to create more innovative and futuristic designs that can be made even from mobile phone media. The 5G connection is in its infancy stage and will soon be embraced by the developers by the year-end. Implementing 5G will offer a fast and more reliable way of connection anywhere. With the fast internet speed will bring the download time into 1Gbps. In other words, it means the heavy websites that take hours to download will be able to load within minutes to a few second of time.

Moving to 5G

Advanced Foldable Technology

Foldable mobile technology is one of the most revolutionized technology ever to be recorded in the evolution of the Smartphone. Having a unique ability to fold and unfold to use it as tablet and Smartphone will help the developers with more opportunities to create designs anywhere, unlike the PCs. This kind of smart technologies will benefit both the designers as well as users with advanced UI designs. Considering foldable Smartphone as an incredible technological advancement is here to stay, and we can soon see variation and development in the same space that will help the users and developers to create more.

Foldable Technology


Released on 6th December 2018, WordPress5.0 is here to stay. With the help of WordPress5.0, the designers can introduce various designing templates and layouts by using a unique ability of WordPress5.0 known as modular blocks. Those users who look forward to creating out of box web page layout, the technology used in WordPress5.0 will allow you to create a web page by using pre-made ones and help you to make a unique website just like you wish.

AR and VR

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, VR and AR, are the most talked technological innovation over the past few years. Even though they enhance the user experience mainly in a gaming platform, other industries soon leveraged the technology to create a new experience to both users and developers. It has already started to improve the web development platform. How? VR is all about opening a virtual world of the design, and AR will provide the designers to see what the surroundings holds with design objects.

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