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What’s New in Web Designing Platform?

Web Designing Platform

Web designing is one of the most important steps in any web development process. Now and in the coming years, the internet will see a combination of beauty from web design and technological innovations. As the technologies get advanced over time, new development changes occur in the web design landscape. Another smart innovation of web design is that you do not need to lock it in your PC. You can access it from your Smartphone and on your wrist, all thanks to the smartwatch and foldable Smartphone operators and developers. The web designing platform will see a massive transformation in the coming years. Following paragraphs will talk about technological advancement is and will shape the web design platform.

Moving to 5G

From 2G, the internet connection has reached 4G LTE, and will soon achieve 5G. 5G will open a pathway to create more innovative and futuristic designs that can be made even from mobile phone media. The 5G connection is in its infancy stage and will soon be embraced by the developers by the year-end. Implementing 5G will offer a fast and more reliable way of connection anywhere. With the fast internet speed will bring the download time into 1Gbps. In other words, it means the heavy websites that take hours to download will be able to load within minutes to a few second of time.

Moving to 5G

Advanced Foldable Technology

Foldable mobile technology is one of the most revolutionized technology ever to be recorded in the evolution of the Smartphone. Having a unique ability to fold and unfold to use it as tablet and Smartphone will help the developers with more opportunities to create designs anywhere, unlike the PCs. This kind of smart technologies will benefit both the designers as well as users with advanced UI designs. Considering foldable Smartphone as an incredible technological advancement is here to stay, and we can soon see variation and development in the same space that will help the users and developers to create more.

Foldable Technology


Released on 6th December 2018, WordPress5.0 is here to stay. With the help of WordPress5.0, the designers can introduce various designing templates and layouts by using a unique ability of WordPress5.0 known as modular blocks. Those users who look forward to creating out of box web page layout, the technology used in WordPress5.0 will allow you to create a web page by using pre-made ones and help you to make a unique website just like you wish.

AR and VR

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, VR and AR, are the most talked technological innovation over the past few years. Even though they enhance the user experience mainly in a gaming platform, other industries soon leveraged the technology to create a new experience to both users and developers. It has already started to improve the web development platform. How? VR is all about opening a virtual world of the design, and AR will provide the designers to see what the surroundings holds with design objects.

How AI Will Impact Web Development Landscape?

Web Development

Web app development, over the years, has grown at a rapid speed than estimated. Nowadays, the designers are looking for a brilliant and innovative web application platform, which allows both data-driven content choices as well as specific gifts that will make the website stand out of the crowd. This is where AI pops up. AI, artificial intelligence, over the past few years, has already transformed most of the operations in various industries. AI in web designing means that technology helps to enhance the security and integration testing of multiple programs. Although these are the few of many advantages of using AI, you might even get confused about how to use AI in web development process efficiently? The below-given article will give you an idea of how AI is utilized to its maximum in web development processes. Let’s dive deep into the material.

AI and Website Development Machine

Over the globe, many of the web development organizations utilize AI and its algorithms to develop websites. AI is mainly used here for the decision-making process. The processes include designing, layout decision, branding, and lastly, content developing. Other than these abilities, AI stands as a professional designer. By doing so, helps the users with practical suggestions that are must for the designing process.

AI and Coding

AI helps in making the coding process easy. The technology helps the users with automating several tasks, thereby providing the developers with finding effective solutions. AI reduces the burden of the developers while creating a code and allows the web designers to construct smarter applications that assure no time to market.

AI and Coding

AI and Chatbots

AI-driven chatbots help to increase user experience and customer engagement. AI does this by engaging the users with real conversations, thereby adapting these into the action. Implementing chatbots in web site increases customer participation and will help to maximize the people visiting your website.

AI in Testing and Quality

If you are tired of repetitive tasks, you can ask help from AI. AI algorithms will help you to enhance the performance with rapid speed and would also maintain data security and provide meaningful reasoning and conclusions.

AI in Testing and Quality

AI and Analyzing Customers

Along with providing an engagement platform with customers, the developers and owners of any website have a complete power to monitor and analyze the customer behavior. For example, the Offshore Software Development Firm helped many enterprises to enhance the method of analyzing the customers in their daily shopping needs. Advanced technologies like facial recognition permit the customers to a virtual shop with AI.

The End

Believe it or not, AI without a doubt will transform every aspect of web designing in the coming years. Implementing AI in web designing platform will help to increase and control the user experience and customer engagement platform, thereby enhancing the flow of visitors to your site.

Top 6 Trends in Web Design Platform

Web Design

The internet consists of billions of websites, and hundreds of them are created every day. Fierce and intensified competitions between the owners of the websites are transforming their sites by integrating modern technologies. Technology, just like in any other industry, is entirely changing the web design space. The below-given article is all about advanced technology and how each of them transforms the web design by applying the algorithms and development process in both conventional and new programs to great technologies.


The analysts saw considerable change in the mobile application space in the past years. Like said, mobile internet plays a vital role in web design. Present day’s websites consist of slicker, focused, user friendly, and streamlined. However, mobile is completely accommodating apps nowadays. Almost all mobile activities are spending on various apps. Progressive mobile web apps are known to be a very reliable option.  It helps the users and customers to feel a native experience in the website.

3D Printing

Long ago, when 3D printers were initially introduced in the market, they were seen as equipment that is unimaginable to implement in any platform. At present, 3D holds a special place in all the organizations. 3D printing is used by web and graphic designers. Not only for the internet designers but 3D, also known as an excellent achievement for the online e-commerce platform. They can design new products. It opens new opportunities for the customers during the selection process from a different perceptive. Lastly, 3D printing has mostly impacted web designing area and in various other marketing materials.

3D Printing

Browser Extensions

Browser extension technology is gaining popularity. Starting from a legal language translator like The Word Point to highly secured password apps is highly requested at present day’s market. With its emerging importance, a browser extension is used for designing and building up of a web. If you want to create a useful extension for the long run, you must make one by giving care for privacy assurance. Although they are helpful, many firms still consider it as a threat as they can keep the record and read online programs and activities.


They are known as one of the best innovation in recent years. Chatbots are highly used for online customer support. With capable chatbots, the organizations do not have to employ full-time online customer service employee. Instead, they can look for a web designer who designs these chatbots.


Voice Search

People are highly relying on voice search on the internet that would help them to access their results within minimum time. With increasing priority, designers are keenly observing to tune the websites into more voice-friendly ones.

Motion UI

Motion UI is typically used to categorize the difference between the websites with the classic and handy interface. Motion UI consists of hovers, animation and amazing headers. It will help your website to be unique and appealing.

Top 5 Web Technologies Every Web Developer Must Know

Web Developer

Web development is more than a course. It needs an extreme skill set; learning and knowledge don’t have a border. If you want to develop a website with stand-out functions, first you must know the primary languages that are used in web designing. There are mainly three types known as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. As the name suggests, it is complicated to grasp. Eventually, you will understand the process and become easy for you to handle the operations. Before starting, you must know about web technology. It is nothing but the language and the multimedia combinations used by the computers to communicate. Let’s dive deep into some of the underlying web technologies every web designer must know.


The first step in becoming a skilled and efficient web designer is to learn HTML coding. If you know how HTML works, then the second step is to get hold of CSS. HTML is the very reason why your queries are sorted out when you input your doubts in the search box. CSS, Cascading Style Sheets helps HTML to implement on the PC, Smartphone or on Tablet screen. There are two types of CSS pre-compiler, namely LESS and SASS.

Programming Languages

The other must-have skill for any web developer is the ability to code. Various programming languages include JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and Objective-C. PHP is known as the language that is widely used by web developers. However, every computer language is not better than each other. The browsers and several other frameworks highly use JavaScript. Objective-C is the primary programming language used for iOS and Ruby for Rails framework.

Programming Languages


Frameworks are the next essential platform designers must know. It helps to make the programming languages more accessible. If you master frameworks, it helps you to unburden the difficulties in memorizing all the programming languages. One of the widely used frameworks is WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that is constructed in a PHP landscape. Few of the many examples of frameworks are Angular.js, Node.js, and Drupal.


All the data are stored on databases. There are mainly two kinds of databases, SQL and NoSQL. SQL helps to validate and correct the data collected, and NoSQL helps you to maintain the application. Therefore, both of these are very important for designers—for instance, Oracle, Redis and MongoDB.


Front-End and Back-End

Extensive and understandable knowledge about the coding language like HTML and CSS is a must for front-end.  These are the important things that are used for presenting the website for the users. As for the back-end, the back-end consists of servers and databases.


The above-given article is a few of the web technologies a web designer must know to create a website. The list is not ending here. Even though it will take a reasonable amount of time to understand and implement these to create a website, it is worth it. The popularity of sites will not end; it’s something that is continuously enhancing and transforming with technologies.

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