Waiting for the Library of Anghiari Festival presents Duccio Demetrio Pino Toxic 100 days text on the dresser, an autobiography written in the school of School writing Autobiographical and Biographical of the Free University, published by the young publishing house Booksalad . 9.00 pm OPENING OF THE FESTIVAL. Audiovisual Room Greeting from the Authorities, the President Stefania Bolletti and the Scientific Director Duccio Demetrio. 9.30 pm TRAVEL: A STYLE AND A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE. Duccio Demetrio, Raffaele Milani, Giampaolo Nuvolati talk to each other Friday, June 15 Audiovisual Hall, Piazza del Popolo 9.30 AM STORIES OF TRAVEL MEMORIES Moderator Stefania Bolletti Daniele Finzi, Traveling to rebuild the roots, Dialogue between Arrigo Anzani and Immaculate Courage: Memories of earth, resonances of life… The journey of Santiago Arianna Corradi, That dream of leaving on horseback (Edizioni Equitare) 15.30 THE JOURNEY AS A DIMENSION OF LIFE Moderate Carmen Ferrari and Mario Vio Roberto Serafin, Walter Bonatti. The man, the myth (Priuli & Verlucca Editori) Tito Barbini, The journey as a dimension of life Alfredo and Angelo Castiglioni, Forty-nine Racconti d’Africa (Nomos Edizioni) 18.30 TOUZ AZIMUTS – Traveling with the troubadours of yesterday and today Concert for lute, song and words with Stefano Albarello and Gianni Gasparini 9.00 pm There is a taste for the future in this glass house – Remembering Saverio Tutino Duccio Demetrio, Gianni Beretta, the Women’s Paper Association Saturday 16 June Piazza del Popolo, Sala Audiovisual hours 9. 00 TRAVELING IN THE ART OF AUTOBIOGRAPHY – Workshop space The first time … Conducted by Anna Maria Pedretti Traveling or wandering? Writing to shape our way Conducted by Anna Cappelletti The extraordinary journey of Lele Luzzati and the ‘extraordinary’ of our lives Conducted by Giorgio Macario Memories that travel by mail Conducted by Stefanie Risse Landscapes of an autobiography. Autobiographies of a landscape By the Spazio Tempo Association – Conducted by Giovanni D’Alfonso Travels without (?) Meaning Conducted by Mario Vio 11.30 am Travel in travel diaries A study on travel diaries from the National Diary Archive of Pieve Santo Stefano by Anna Iuso and Natalia Cangi 3.00 pm THE JOURNEY AND THE ELSEWHERE. MEETING WITH OTHER CULTURES Moderated by Lucia Portis Lucia Portis and Laura Ferrero,