Treviso and its province make available to spouses who are looking for an elegant and charming location, some of the best venues in the Veneto region.

In Mogliano Veneto, we find Villa Braida, an
eighteenth-century, romantic residence with a centuries-old park and a refined
restaurant. Ideal for those who need internal and external spaces and some
spaces for the overnight stay of guests.

Moving to Portobuffolè we come across Villa Giustinia.
Built in 1600 as the residence of the Doge of Venice. A huge park with
sculptures and ancient trees. Ideal for large ceremonies: it can accommodate over
200 guests.

The Dei Contorni restaurant offers a
forty-year experience in haute cuisine. A large park with a well-kept pond where
the bride and groom can be lulled by a romantic gondola ride. A bit like
being in Venice.

And with locations as well as not relying on a professional photographer, able with his shots to imprison the enchanting scenery, the unique details and all the emotions of the most beautiful day. For all these needs, the wedding photographer in Treviso Juan Carlos Marzi can help.