How can a small-medium business increase its productivity, avoiding waste and reducing time and costs? How to get to a more efficient, lean and rational organization?

Why not start by creating and / or enhancing company information systems or certifying the quality of your products?
The processes that require the utmost commitment for the management of a SME are undoubtedly those of improving performance and optimizing the production system.
Appropriate software solutions can support the entrepreneurial management and favor the improvement of efficiency and the reduction of waste of money and time through a process of analysis of production performance, resource planning, optimization of activities and, therefore, a simultaneous increase in productivity . All this through a systematic and organized circulation of information aimed at obtaining, in real time, the progress of production.
An important part of what companies need to make the most of their potential is essentially a good integrated system for the management, control and analysis of production.
The Friuli Venezia Giulia Region under Law 30 of 1984 provides non-repayable loans to SMEs that can reach 50% to acquire a series of business consultancy services capable of:
– raising the quality level of products
– increase productivity
– improve business organization also through the creation and strengthening of information systems.
SMEs with operational headquarters in the regional territory that carry out mining activities, transformation or production of goods and construction, service SMEs, consortia mostly made up of industrial SMEs will benefit from the initiatives.
Our professionals are at the complete disposal of your company to relaunch its competitiveness with this and other targeted actions of subsidized finance.

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