Pinterest is a social network between didactic and emotional , which takes its name of the words pinboard (board) and interest (interest). The aim is to connect people precisely to their interests and the system of operation also tends to highlight this aspect. In fact, registered users must create as many blackboards as they want to share (travel and furniture, to name two) and then choose where to put their pins, choosing from photos found on the net or published by other pinners.

The quality of the images, the type and their preciousness has led the most attentive to compare Pinterest with Tumblr . The first, which at the moment works with an invitation * so quick that it is more useful to create attention than to filter the audience, has a more semantic and orderly approach than Tumblr, as well as a more specifically theme oriented taste .

Below is an infographic that is making the rounds of the network and that compares the two platforms.

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