The presence of three DOC Maceratesi protagonists in the world of professional football (the professional coaches Fabrizio Castori, Dino Pagliari and the referee Oberdan Pantana) has certainly contributed to the full success of the initiative promoted by Cingoli Calcio 1993 by president Gianluca Valenti, in collaboration with the provincial group of the AIAC Macerata.

There was talk of youth football (Mr. Pagliari) and the causes that are causing a turnaround on what was once considered the territory of young talents, but also of tactical modules with the coach Castori who made a careful examination of the “pros and cons”?? of the various forms of organization in team play and to conclude the brilliant referee Pantana inflamed the audience with a deliberately provocative intervention to highlight how the figure of the coach has not yet “” in the context of the rules and rules of the game “” the right recognition for the important role it plays as athletes and managers. In addition to the three speakers, the appreciated interventions of the Vice Mayor of Cingoli Anna Maria Tittarelli, of the regional president of referees Renato Picchio,Cingolana Giorgio Giorgi and the delegate to the Department of Sports of the Province of Macerata Antonio Monaldi.

In all the interventions a common denominator: the attention and preparation to be put at the service of young people and the need for constructive collaboration between the various components that are needed to keep alive what is still considered the most beautiful sport in the world.

The president of Cingoli Calcio 1993 , Valenti, satisfied with the vast participation in the event, declared himself available to promote similar events for the years to come, testifying to the vitality, availability and enormous receptive potential of the Cingoli area to encourage interventions that can encourage sports in general and football in particular.

At the end of the conference, special awards (with the “Green Bench AIAC” ??) for some coaches who have distinguished themselves in youth football this season: coaches Giorgio Capitanelli (Portorecanati), Mario Pollicelli (Camerino), Francesco Dell’Erba ( Caldarola) and Gabriele Cipolletta (representative of FIGC Macerata students).

To end the evening with a flourish, to testify the well-known human depth of Gianluca Valenti, there was also the very successful initiative of a subscription among the participants, to offer a contribution to the Italian Red Cross of Macerata which on Friday evening had organized a “Match of the heart”? to raise funds necessary to equip an ambulance for pediatric emergencies: a really good sign on how sport and solidarity can work in symbiosis and a first commitment, as underlined by the president of AIAC Bruno Battista, to carry out similar initiatives also in the future .

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