Our service for sending corporate press releases is enriched with a new category: Articles.
The new section was created to cope with the continuous increase in the phenomenon of “article marketing”, which is spreading a lot in Italy as well.
In the Articles category it will be possible to publish, again by an Italian company, considerations and insights on topics of any kind: from the economy to the internet, from politics to tourism.
We also take the opportunity to report that our service, born only a few months ago, has already exceeded 500 press releases published and obtained accreditation from over 200 companies, including important companies on the Italian and international scene. : Blockbuster, Tagetik, Madri Internet Marketing, Expert System, Promotion-Online, Elation, Intarget.net, Buffalo Technology, Netasq, Digital Preziosi, UbiEst, Studio Cappello, BookingShow, Orsogril, BridgIt, Olympos Group, Manpower, and many others.
We remind you that our service is completely free and allows a company to send an unlimited number of press releases, articles and news.
A directory is also available where Italian companies can report their websites for free.

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