Web development is more than a course. It needs an extreme skill set; learning and knowledge don’t have a border. If you want to develop a website with stand-out functions, first you must know the primary languages that are used in web designing. There are mainly three types known as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. As the name suggests, it is complicated to grasp. Eventually, you will understand the process and become easy for you to handle the operations. Before starting, you must know about web technology. It is nothing but the language and the multimedia combinations used by the computers to communicate. Let’s dive deep into some of the underlying web technologies every web designer must know.


The first step in becoming a skilled and efficient web designer is to learn HTML coding. If you know how HTML works, then the second step is to get hold of CSS. HTML is the very reason why your queries are sorted out when you input your doubts in the search box. CSS, Cascading Style Sheets helps HTML to implement on the PC, Smartphone or on Tablet screen. There are two types of CSS pre-compiler, namely LESS and SASS.

Programming Languages

The other must-have skill for any web developer is the ability to code. Various programming languages include JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and Objective-C. PHP is known as the language that is widely used by web developers. However, every computer language is not better than each other. The browsers and several other frameworks highly use JavaScript. Objective-C is the primary programming language used for iOS and Ruby for Rails framework.

Programming Languages


Frameworks are the next essential platform designers must know. It helps to make the programming languages more accessible. If you master frameworks, it helps you to unburden the difficulties in memorizing all the programming languages. One of the widely used frameworks is WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that is constructed in a PHP landscape. Few of the many examples of frameworks are Angular.js, Node.js, and Drupal.


All the data are stored on databases. There are mainly two kinds of databases, SQL and NoSQL. SQL helps to validate and correct the data collected, and NoSQL helps you to maintain the application. Therefore, both of these are very important for designers—for instance, Oracle, Redis and MongoDB.


Front-End and Back-End

Extensive and understandable knowledge about the coding language like HTML and CSS is a must for front-end.  These are the important things that are used for presenting the website for the users. As for the back-end, the back-end consists of servers and databases.


The above-given article is a few of the web technologies a web designer must know to create a website. The list is not ending here. Even though it will take a reasonable amount of time to understand and implement these to create a website, it is worth it. The popularity of sites will not end; it’s something that is continuously enhancing and transforming with technologies.

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